An interview with me is going to be printed in「be TEENS」!

March 21st (Thurs) Asahi News morning newspaper separate print 「be TEENS」
※You won't find it on sale with the other newspapers at the train station!!

Besides having an interview in 「be TEENS」,
if you download the iPhone application 「A-CLIP」
and use the code on the page, you can see a video interview with Aikawa Kozue.

There are also videos on Nico Nico Douga.
Search for 「愛川こずえ」(Aikawa Kozue) and the top two results with the titles,
「朝日新聞で踊ってみた」(Danced at Asahi News) 「朝日新聞にインタビューされてみた」(Interviewed by Asahi News)
have been uploaded.

Please check them out!

いちごAikawa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozueいちご