Thank you very much for the Hina event!

I wasn't able to update my blog, Twitter etc.
for a while and I made some people worry. Sorry.
I update at my own pace,
but please continue to watch over me...!

Yesterday was March 3rd!
Girl's Day!

And there was the "Hina Event"!
Thank you very much to everyone who came. (*'▽'*)

With Marice
I danced Melancholic during the day
and Iドキドキat night.
(I can't type a heart from my smartphone;)

I danced Luka Luka on my own
during the day and night.
(I was nervous because I was last. (゚o゚;)

And since WataChan had the flu,
I danced Baby Maniacs as her stand-in with
YukkeChan, MariyanChan, and @AzukiChan!

I messed up I Love a lot, so that's something I regret. (/_;)
All of my co-stars were so cute. (*'▽'*)
And the audience was so kind. (*'▽'*)(*'▽'*)
It was really funビックリマークビックリマーク

Here are some pictures.

With RiririChan (゚ω゚)

(The dark circles under my eyes were bad because of lack of sleep...)

With Kaparutan (゚ω゚)

Kaparutan gave me a stuffed mascot!

He took it out of his own bag and gave it to me! I was so moved!

Oh, also!
I'm happy that people support me at events,
but please try to make sure no one gets hurt;

A lot of people who aren't used to the excitement of idol lives
comes to Nico events, so please really be care to to not cause any injuries or trouble. ><

I don't think anything happened this time though, so that's good. (´ω`)ドキドキ

So with that being said,
thank you very much for the Hina event!

I'll work hard today too.ウサギ

いちごAikawa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozueいちご