Different things.

I made this announcement the other day during my appearance on the Nico Live,
but I'm going to announce it again on my blog. (・∀・)キラキラ

I'm going to appear at the
Nico Nico Cho Kaigi 2's nationwide unification odottemita off
that's taking place at the 「Cho Odottemita」booth.音譜
Details hereこれ

If you're going to be at Cho Kaigi 2
please come dance with us. ( ´ ▽ ` )ドキドキ

On a different subject,

thank you very much for 100,000 views!!

【Nico Nico Douga】【Mayuki】te-yut-te dance cover【Kozue】

I weighed about 3 or 4 more kilo's here. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
But it's easier for me to pull off pigtails when my face is round...!←

my Luka Luka video has over 7,000,000 views on YouTube...!?

Thank you for loving that video even though it was uploaded so many years ago. orz


It's not normal to feel like you're not in that location!? :(;゙゚'ω゚'):

It happens to me pretty often... :(;゙゚'ω゚'):

I just discovered another one of those things that
you think is natural, but it's actually not. :(;゙゚'ω゚'):


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