Yesterday I met up with! Marice!!

There's less than a week left until Cho Part II!
I worked hard on the choreography, so please come.

 photo t02200264_0640076712507670799.jpg

 photo t02200264_0640076712507670789.jpg
↑There was a bug with the purikura machine's shutter, so I got caught with a weird face. (^O^)

There was a maimai at the game center
that we went to take purikura at,
so we played it together. w
We did Luka Luka, Panda Hero, and Rotten Heresy!

The guy who played after me did World's End Dance Hall! w

I'm going to the nail salon now!

I'm eager for the Cho Party, so for some reason
I've been growing my nails out since last week. (´∀`)

I have to remove it in mid-May so I'm in a festive mood!←
Like when middle school students dye their hair brown for summer vacation. ww

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