I went to the hospital

Hello (*・ω・)ノ

Thank you very much for all of the views,
mylists and advertising on Nico Nico Douga,
favorites and likes on YouTube etc.
on my GIFT dance cover that I uploaded the other day... (/_;)ドキドキ

It was my first time voluntarily uploading a solo video in a while
and I remembered what it was like a long time ago when I felt,
「It's fun to upload. (^O^)」!

I want to upload something again soon! (^O^)

So today I had something to do
and I went to a different hospital than usual, but

at the place where you pay
it said that you could use a credit card!! (゚o゚

Recently you've become able to pay with cards
at hospitals too. (゚Д゚)
I was surprised. (゚Д゚)


I think I'll go home, eat, 
and then do a Nico Live! (・ω・)

いちごAikawa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozueいちご