The first day of the Cho Kaigi and Cho Party is over!

The first day of the Nico Nico Cho Kaigi II
Nico Nico Cho Party II
has ended!!

Thank you very much
to everyone who came to the event,
everyone who watched the Nico Live,
and the staff and my co-stars!

 photo o0480048012516365293.jpg

At the Cho Party I danced
Luka Luka and After School Stride!
I danced After School Stride with
Marice, Ashibuto PentaChan, and Norakura.
I choreographed it.
What did you think? ><

Tomorrow I'm going to appear at
the LiVE DAM booth at the Cho Kaigi around 2PM. (*'▽'*)

I'm actually going to appear a little
on the second day of the Cho Party as well. (^-^)

Please come see me at the Nico Live
or the venue! (^O^)

I have a lot I want to write,
but I'm up early tomorrow too
so I'm going to go to sleep now. (*´▽`*)

It felt so good wearing a face pack
and megurhythm on my shoulder. Haha

Good night!

いちごAikwa Kozu eTwitter @aikawa_kozueいちご