I'm going to appear on the official Nico Live for the TV anime「Mushibugyo」!

I'm going to appear on an official Nico Nico Live Broadcast on 2013/05/14 (Tues) at 9:00PM


A Nico Nico Live Broadcast has been confirmed
to celebrate the TV anime 「Mushibugyo」's character songs
「Haru Ulala・Momo Lalula」 Song: Oharu (CV: Akesaka Satomi) and
「Gekijou Paranoia」 Song: Hibachi (CV: Okubo Rumi)
that go on sale on 5/22 (Wed)!!

Akesaka Satomi and Okubo Rumi, who sing the character songs, will be making appearances.
Also, VocaloP: samfree who composed and wrote the lyrics for their songs.
Also, Aikawa Kozue who tried dancing to the character songs.
Additionally, VocaloP: samfree! Will try writing a song live!
We're going to make public the song writing of samfree who has produced numerous hits!!
Will he finish the song during the live broadcast?
Find out for yourself!

Aside from that, there will also be a fun talk corner with Akesaki Satomi and Okubo Rumi!

【Cast】 Akesaki Satomi, Okubo Rumi, samfree, Aikawa Kozue

Broadcast URL↓↓☆

Please check it out. (>_<)

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