I'm going to answer the questions
that I received on my entry the other day! (^O^)音譜

I'm going to dance Poker Face and Baby Maniacs with my friends!
Poker Face is difficult because there are a lot of fast parts.
How did you learn them?

I had it taught to me directly be the choreographer, MTP Sensei!
I practiced it multiple times in order to learn it. ><

It there anything in particular that you do for the sake of your dance?
For example... working on flexibility!!!

Honestly, nothing in particular. (´・ω・`)←
I'm really sorry... for not doing anything.

Please tell us your greatest goal in life!

To give my parents a grandchild.

Out of the current groups, if one that you liked asked you to join them!
Which would you join?
Out of the idol groups!

Hmmm, that's a tough one!
Right now, I'd rather watch the idol groups that I like, rather than join them.
I want to support them!
Rather than joining a group, I'd rather create a group! w

About how much do you dance on a busy day?
I want to improve too.

Recently the most is 3 hours. (´・ω・`)
I almost only practice at home, so I can't concentrate... ww

I always enjoy watching your dancing.♪
So I have a question. Are there any songs that you like, but for various reasons can't upload a video and are keeping them a secret?
If so, could you at least tell us the artist's name or something? ☆ (Fuseji-ka)

A few years ago I learnt some of AKB48's 「Oogoe Diamond」...!

I'm your fan. (I saw Akibaranger.)
What live venue should I go to to be able to shake hands with you??

Events where I'm going to be at the sales booth
or the small events that are sometimes sponsored by me...!
The nearest one would probably be 『Flash Memory 360゜ VOL.4 ~360 Odottemita Live!!!~』 in June...?
I think I'll be doing sales that time...!
(Although information regarding sales hasn't quite been decided yet...;)

Please give me some tips on how to dance in heels or platforms!

Look for shoes that suit you and are easy to dance in!
Also, songs that the original danced in heels
are comparatively easier to dance in heels than most. (´∀`)

How can I become flexible like you?
If there are any stretches or something that you do, please tell me. (..)w
My body is so stiff... (T-T)

I stretched every day when I was in DANCEROID!
The one where you sit, stretch out your legs, and lean forward your upper body.
The one where you sit, open your legs, and lean your upper body left and right.
The one where you sit, open your legs, and lean forward your upper body.
The one where you lie on your stomach, put your hand next to your chest, and streeetch.
I haven't been doing them lately so my body is stiff. ┗(;^ω^)┛

Who is your favorite idol lately and which of their songs do you want to dance?

If we're speaking recently then
Dream5's 「Koi no Dile 6700」...! Although it a cover song. ><
I've been into them since I saw them at New Year Idol Alley and thought they were amazing! (*゚▽゚*)

Idols that I like but don't necessarily want to dance to recently are
Berryz Koubou, ℃-ute, Tokyo Joshiryu, Dream5, Ono Erena, Dancing Dolls... (*゚▽゚*)
Morning Musume。 too!
(Sorry for leaving out the titles. (´;ω;`))

(I couldn't embed the Dancing Dolls' video because it has not been made available in the U.S.)

Why are you doing a question corner?

Because I quit The Interviews. (^O^)
Also, Berryz Koubou's Tokunaga Chinami-chan was doing one! w←

I'm going to stop here for now. ><
To be continued~(´Д` )DASH!

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