Thank you very much for Nico Laby!

Thank you very much for Nico Laby yesterday!

And I'm very sorry.

The joints in my right leg had been hurting since that morning
and it was difficult to walk straight even until that evening,
so it was decided at the last minute that I would appear as an MC instead of dancing.

I'm really, really sorry to anyone who came to see me dance.

And I caused a lot of trouble for the staff.
I'm very sorry.

I sat in a chair and performed for part of the dance stage,
but it was a song that I'd practiced so I was really regretful.

I went to the hospital and they said it might be a slight hernia.
It should heal if I rest for a while.
I got some medicine and they said, "Come again!"
So it looks like it's nothing serous! That's a relief!

The medicine that you get at the hospital is amazing effective, isn't it?
I thought the same thing when I had a headache and had to take an ambulance to the hospital.

For now I'm going to focus on healing my leg
and rest at home.

Yuki-san who graduated from 1Nen 25Gumi at this Nico Laby!

The audience and the people on stage all had orange glowsticks
and it reminded me of when I graduated from DANCEROID.
The DR Revolution and Dance Master 4.

She said that she would continue dancing
so I'm looking forward to her videos.
And I'm going to continue to support 1Nen 25Gumi's activities!

Congratulations on your graduation Yuki-san. ><

Pictures below.
There aren't that many though.

I saw this autograph backstaaaaaaaaaage!

 photo t02200124_0800045012552949216.jpg

I was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also also,
Minka-chan came to see me!!!!!!!!!!!

When was the last time I saw her?
It had been a long time so I was surprised!!
I was happy to see her. ><

 photo t02200293_0480064012552987002.jpg

You may be wondering if I took any pictures with the other performers,
but honestly I wasn't in the mood.←

Also, to go along with the subtitle, 「play back odottemita」
I had my hair up on both sides,
but I don't have a picture of that either!!
(I purely forgot to take a picture. Sorry.)
We'll just say it was special for those who saw it there. w

I think I'll continue answering questions!