Thank you very much for Nico Nico Cho Party II!

Yesterday I wrote an entry about the Cho Kaigi,
so today I'll write about the Cho Party. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

Thank you very much for the two days of the Cho Party II. ><ドキドキ

Since I graduated DANCEROID in September,
I was worried about whether or not they'd invite me. (´・ω・`)
But I'm glad I was able to perform!!! w

I thought, "If I'm going to perform,
I'm going to give it my all!" and did my best. (^O^)

On the first day I danced Luka Luka ★ Night Fever with
Vocalosienne's Yama-chan, Kaki, Keekihime☆Yuumi, and Sakura Neko
and after that I danced Afterschool Stride with
Marice, Norakura, and Ashibuto Penta!

Honestly, the Luka Luka performance was embarrassing. www
I was happy, but performing that on such a big stage... but I don't know what I would have done if the audience didn't like it.←

But the audience seemed excited so I'm glad. (´;ω;`) Thank you very much. (´;ω;`)
Next time I'll try my best to be able to step down with out looking at the steps! w

I choreographed Afterschool Stride
that I danced after that!!

When the song was decided,
it felt like it had been a long time since I'd said, 「Please let me do the choreography.」

I think I caused the three of them a lot of trouble
having them learn from such a difficult to understand video,
but I was really happy that they danced with me! I'm glad the four of us got to dance together!!

 photo t02200293_0800106712520487000.jpg

 photo t02200293_0800106712520486990.jpg

Also, BLUE ROGUE provided us with the cute outfits!!

Aren't they adorable? (´∀`)ドキドキ
I really like them.ラブラブ

This time our schedules didn't work out and we couldn't record a video together,
but I hope we can upload a Afterschool Stride video!

Please watch it if we do. (´∀`)
And copy the dance. (´∀`) It's fun to dance. (´∀`) Ufufu

On the second day,
I performed with all of the dancers in
「Dance Number Together」!

I'm wearing the same outfit as day one, so if you'd like, please try looking for me in the timeshift! w
The camera stopped at a good spot at the end. It made me laugh. (´Д` )

Also, I was surprised at the Cho Party!
The last performance of the second day, 「Sakura no Ame」!!!!!!
That was something! (´;ω;`) That performance was unfair. (´;ω;`)

You can watch the Nico Nico Cho Party II timeshift here.これ

Thank you very much to
everyone who came to the venue
and everyone who watched online!

And good work to all of the other performers and the staff!!


Kozue's plain clothes...

 photo t02200293_0800106712521312253.jpg

My top is polka dots and my skirt is flower print...

Kozue, 「You can't tell from far away!」

Cutting corners are we!

いちごAikwa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozueいちご