The Nico×2 Labyrinth vol.2 video is up! etc.

The announcement video for the event that I'm going to appear at this weekend
「Nico×2 Labyrinth vol.2 ~play back odottemita~」 is up on Nico Nico Douga. (*゚▽゚*)

I'm also in the comment video,
so please watch if you'd like. ><

【Nico Nico Douga】【Announcement】Nico×2 Labyrinth vol. 2 ~play back odottemita~

And here is a summary of the notes that I posted on Twitter!!

【Nico Laby Announcement ①】
At about 5:54PM Aoi and Ririri will be be the opening act!! We recommend coming early. The event is planned to end at around 10:00PM.

【Nico Laby Announcement ②】
Merchandise will only be sold before doors open from 3:30PM~5:00PM. Please understand that the performers cannot be present at sales because of rehearsal. There will be Nico Laby vol. 1 and new, Nico Laby vol. 2 T-shirts! The design will be made public soon! Look forward to it!

【Nico Laby Announcement ③】
We will be sellings tickets on the day of at \3,500 + 1 drink \500.
If you bought a ticket in advance, please print out the email with your reference number or have it ready on your cellphone screen.

【Nico Laby Announcement ④】
Gifts will be accepted at the venue's reception area. Don't forget to address it properly!
(※Please refrain from bringing food for Aikawa Kozue, even if it has a long life.)

【Nico Laby Announcement ⑤】
Waiting outside of the venue for the performers to enter or exit is prohibited. Please cooperate in order as to not trouble the venue or the neighborhood.  Let's all obey the rules and make this a fun event!!!!

Please come see me. (*゚▽゚*)ラブラブ

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