Things that I've bought recently

I'm going to show you what I've bought recently! (´∀`)

Color contacts目

Angel Color
Bambi Series Almond

At first I thought they were going to be flashier,
but they're more natural than I'd expected and really nice. (^O^)ドキドキ

They're 14.2mm, not too big, and one day wear.ラブラブ
I'll probably buy them again.ラブラブ!

口紅Candy Doll's Lip Treatment

I ordered them along with my color contacts. ・ω・
It's moist and not sticky!宇宙人

メイクDolly Wink's Long Mascara

I wanted some that came off with warm water! (´・ω・`)
I like them because they don't clump and the curls don't droop. ラブラブ

So that's that!
For some reason they're all Tsuu-chan cosmetics. (^O^)


I hope I can answer the questions for my question corner on Monday.
(*゚▽゚*) Look forward to it!

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