Various Things

I was filming today too! (´・ω・`)キラキラ

You know!
It was the same way last year, but
I really like the site of Akibaranger!

The staff, cast,
everyone is so serious.

When I'm in that sort of environment
I become really motivated in what I'm doing.

After we finished filming today
 I received the picture we took at the meeting yesterday.
I'm going to treasure it!!!

Someone asked to see my clothes for my question corner
so here's a picture of my outfit today! タンク

 photo t02200220_0720072012542357287.jpg

I bought the shirt at Ank Rouge.
The shorts are from INGNI.

I'd never bought anything from Ank Rouge before, but
I walked past one of their stores in Shinjuku yesterday
and just thought 「I want to shop here!」ひらめき電球and bought a bunch of stuff. w
So I wore one of those things right away!にひひ

I'm cutting corners around my shoes.パー
I wanted to match this with some fashionable sneakers, but I don't have any. :(;゙゚'ω゚'):
This is before I did my hair too so it's all unkempt. :(;゙゚'ω゚'):

I like big shirts like this that you can wear like a dress.

Oh, I'm going to do a Nico Live at 11PM
so please come watch if you'd like. (´∀`)

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