My leg is better! ヽ(;▽;)ノ


I went to the hospital this morning!!
And they said my leg was okay now. (*゚▽゚*)

I would have been in trouble work-wise if it hadn't healed by now!! w

I've safely recovered. ><
I'm sorry for making you worry!!

Today I went to One Kur Idol 「Senko Hanabi」's choreography lesson!

There's another dance teacher who's actually teaching the choreography to the members,
but it was amazing how quickly they learned the choreography! Their concentration and the feeling in the air!

I'm looking forward to seeing the completed formations and stuff. (´ω`)

Today's makeup.
I took off all of my eyelash extensions
so I had a natural look with just mascara. ・ω・

Now, my leg is better...
I wonder.... if I can... still finish my Dance Master 5 entry video in time... Huhehe

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