I'm going to answer the questions that I received on this entry!
Part 3 ☆彡

What do you do when you get stuck thinking about something?

・Even if it's only for one hour I try sleeping once.
・I try calling a friend. Chat with them.
・Stop thinking about it.
・Enjoy thinking about it too much.

I want to change myself, so I figure I'll start with the outside and try to change the clothes that I wear, but then I think it doesn't suit me and end up going back to my usual things.
Am I being too naive?

Before thinking about whether or not you're being naive, why do you want to change yourself?
If you end up going back then I think it's because you feel comfortable or "at home" like that
and there's no need to force yourself to change...
If you're changing yourself (including your looks or clothes)
"to create a new character" or "for a change of pace"
or for some other clear goal then I don't think you would feel that way.

・Why do you feel the need to change yourself?
・What will you obtain by changing yourself?

Why don't you try figuring that out first?
Sorry for sounding like a know-it-all or something. (´・ω・`)

I have a question. Who do you want to do a dance collab with?
I like solo dances too, but collabs have a certain appeal that I love. (^^)

・I want to gather a bunch of Hello!Wotas and do a H!P song collab
・I want to gather a bunch of young, cute girls and do a collab
・I want to collab with Kosoku Neko Kamen
(or I want to do a dance like the ones that they do)
・I want to surround myself with good dancers like Miume and do a collab where I practice so much that I think I'm going to die.
・Also, I want to collab with 1kg Yasetai again.

What is your favorite hairstyle? ><

I like straight better than curly for both boys and girls. For some reason.

Do you have any problems when you practice dancing?
A lot of times the steps are so difficult that it takes me days to learn it.

When I went to dance school or had class in high school
I couldn't practice with people watching me.
I was afraid that I'd look stupid.

Also, I'm bad at isolation so it's difficult for me to learn H!P dances recently. orz

What was the most difficult dance for you to learn?

HAKUMEI. The halberd was difficult... ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Is there anything you do to maintain your style besides dancing?
For example, if there's anything you're careful of in terms of food or daily life I'd like to know. (>_<)☆

Not really... ←
Oh, like I try to stay hydrated...?

Please tell us what costume and wig that you want right now! (*^^*)

None in particular. ><

What did you eat for dinner today?

I don't know yet. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

I have a question. What software do you use for encoding??


How many dances do you know right now?

There are a lot of dances that I've forgotten
so I feel like there aren't even 10 that I can dance perfectly right now. ヽ(´Д`;)ノ

When will you upload your next solo dance video??

If my leg gets better before the Dance Master 5 entry deadline... ><

Where is your terminal?

Heaven (´∀`)

You've been doing a lot of different things since you left DANCEROID, but what is your final goal or what would you like to see happen in the future?

I worry about that a lot lately. (´・ω・`)
I think it would be cool if I could learn to sing and dance
and that I'd like to be in more playsb
but when asked about my final goal... (´・ω・`;)

You've been working hard on your singing and did a collab with Rio Rio. How was it? Also, is there anything else you want to sing?

Rio Rio was really friendly and cute. (´∀`*)kyun
But her singing voice is so cool! There's a gap!

I think I want to do a solo next?
I want to try something electronic sounding.
Like WAVE or, I'd have to lower the key, but Keep Only One Love.

I've already decided what I'm going to sing with Rio Rio next so it's a secret. ><☆

What items do you use to up your femininity or what are you committed to doing??

You mean for everyday life, right?
I don't know if it ups my femininity, but since I was born a girl I

亜友未Don't wear color contacts that are too flashy.

亜友未Always spray some perfume before I go out and when I get home. (It makes me feel calm.)

亜友未Put importance on balance with my clothes. If I'm wearing a big shirt I'll wear shorts. Or if I'm wearing a tight shirt I'll wera a flowing skirt.

亜友未I pick shoes that don't make my legs look short, regardless of how tall or short the heels are. Haha

亜友未I don't wear clothes with a lot going on around the neck (turtle necks, shirts with buttons that go all the way to the top) because it makes my face looks big. w I wear low cut shirts as much as possible.

亜友未I've unconsciously made diagonal a rule.
(For example, it's more ladylike to touch the hair near your right cheek with your left hand. Supposedly. It was in seventeen a long time ago. w)

亜友未I always wear one bright necklace or bracelet. Recently my favorite is a small necklace.

亜友未When something is explained to me and I don't understand rather than saying, "What!? What do you mean!?" it's lest intimidating to say nothing and just go, "? (´・ω・`)", so that's what I do.
※When I can't hear them I'll say, "Huh!? What?!" though! Only when I don't understand the meaning. For example, at the beauty salon. Or at an -off.

亜友未Also, recently when I give a handshake I respect Fukumura Rock. www
(Fukumura Rock is a handshake that Morning Musume。 9th gen member Fukumura Mizuki does.)
↑See this picture for reference.

I'm going to stop here for now!
To be continued in part 4!

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