I'm going to answer the questions that I asked for in this entry!
Part 4 ☆彡

Your hair has been short for a long time. Are you planning on growing it out anytime soon?

I'm growing it out right now. It's shoulder length. (*゚▽゚*)
But I'm not going to let it get too long. ><

Is there anything that you're careful of when doing cool dances?
I'm dancing to Lady Gaga with my club, but I don't look very cool. (´・ω・`)
Please give me some advice!! (´TωT`)

Become Lady Gaga!
I study and imitate people whose dancing I think is cool!

Please tell us your three favorite drinks.
It's almost summer so I want to try them when I buy drinks.

Peach Natural Water Soda
Mitsuya Cider
Karada Meguricha

About how long does it take you to learn once dance?

About 1~3 weeks!

I have a question for you. What do you do when there's something you need to to, but you don't want to?

I procrastinate a lot. Haha
Because I become naturally motivated at the last minute... w

I saw 「Megurizaki Living Dead」.
What kind of play do you want to be in?

One with a human touch!
Also, I like the theater company Shinkansen, so something like that! (*゚▽゚*)
I can't wait until Geki-Cine in October. I might die. orz

Please tell us what kind of girl you like. ←
(Clothes, personality, hairstyle etc...)

Girls who seem like they're carrying darkness somewhere in their hears. Haha
Haru-chan from 『UtaPri』,
Mikako from 『Himegoto~19sai no Seifuku~』,
Suigintou from 『Rozen Maiden』,
Hinata from 『NARUTO』,
Yamamoto-san from 『Bokura ga Ita』 etc.

Also, characters who are mean and are hated by everyone at first.
Kanaria from 『Rozen Maiden』,
Sotomura Hiroshi from 『Strawberry 100%』,
Onpu-chan from 『Ojamajo Doremi』 etc.

But Nishino Tsukasa from Ichigo 100% is my favorite type of girl ever.ドキドキ

Hair, clothes, if you look good in the clothes that she likes, anything!!

It becoems a bit fresh if you compare it to the 3D world, so I did. w



Does it make you happy when people call you 「Kozu Kozu」?
You probably let people call you whatever they want, but what do you like best...!?

I've always been called Kozu Kozu and even my role was called Kozu Kozu. Haha
I like Kozu Kozu the best. (´∀`)

What kind of clothes do you like!
Also, I want to see your clothes!

I like dresses!
Also, I like clothes without much around the next1

Here are a bunch of pictures of what I've been wearing lately. (´∀`)

 photo t02200298_0717097012539261096.jpg

 photo t02200220_0720072012555473440.jpg

愛川こずえ オフィシャルブログ  「愛川こずえのブログ」 Powered by Ameba-1368770309372.jpg

What do you call the shoulder move from GIFT during the line 「Anata ga akuseku to egakiageru...」?
I love how you move your shoulder each frame.

I wonder if that move has a name...? ヽ(´Д`;)ノ
Each frame... Ehhh, I'm doing it unconsciously, so I don't really understand. Sorry;;

What gifts are you happy to receive?
I want to know for when I go to one of your lives or something. ☆

Letters! (*゚▽゚*)
I'm just happy that you came so I'm fine without a present!

Do you train your body?
Muscle training or running...
You can't dance with such balance and precision otherwise...
At least I though so. (^_^;)

It's surprising how little I'm doing...
I'm considering going to a dance school... w

I think the reason that it looks like I'm dancing with such good balance
is purely because I had dance lessons for 7 years a long time ago! ><

What is your dream for the future? Actress? Dancer? Please tell us. (*^.^*)

I'm trying to figure that out for myself right now
so I'll whatever I can right now while I think about it. ><

I'm going to stop here for now. ><
To be continued in part 5!!!!

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