Tomorrow is Kotori Miracle + Product sales announcement!

Today was the last day of practice for Kotori Miracle. (´・ω・`)

Since it was the last day I gave it my all
and wore my Morning Musume。 Ishida Ayumi T-shirt to practice. (*゚▽゚*)

 photo t02200124_0800045012567743229.jpg 

It hasn't sunk in the tomorrow is the real deal!!

 photo t02200124_0800045012567743214.jpg


We will be selling Aikawa Kozue goods
after the performance of Kotori Miracle. ♪(´∀`)

亜友未Cheki photograph (Together or Kozue alone) \1,000
亜友未Photograph (Comes with 5)NEW \1,000
亜友未Scarf towel \1,500
亜友未T-shirt (Purple S-size only) \3,000
亜友未CD "Zombie (temp)" \1,000
亜友未"Kaerizaki Living Dead" pamphlet \1,500
亜友未Two types of key holders Each \600

Based on time constraints, we don't know if autographs will be available,
but please stop by the sales table if you'd like!

★In regards to gifts★
・Please write the addressee in an easy to find spot.
・Please refrain from giving Aikawa Kozue any food or drink, even if it has a long shelf life.
Thank you for your cooperation.

You can buy tickets the day of!

It's a short story, less that an hour long,
so please come see it. (*゚▽゚*)

I'm looking forward to meeting you all. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I'll do my best. (`・ω・´)キラキラ

いちごAikawa Kozue Twitter @aikawa_kozue いちご