❤︎Luka Luka Odottemita 10,000,000 Views and Me Now


Good afternoonセキセイインコ黄
It's Kozue.

Shion!!-san, Axel.-san, Hiyomaru-san, Tsukiyo-san, Dominko-san, Wakki-san, harukakeru-san,
thank you very much for commenting on my last entry.ラブラブ

I always write my blog posts on my smart phone so
when I type the first character of the names of people that always comment on my posts
the rest comes up on auto complete. w

The age where your smart phone remembers the names of your fans too...!(?)

On September 29th, (Is that right?)
my Luka Luka ★ Night Fever odottemita video
passed 10,000,000 views キョロキョロ!!


It has to do with me,
but it doesn't feel like it!!

I tweeted this too, but
when I uploaded it I never thought
it would reach this sort of number,

that this many people who dance it,

that so many people would learn of ododttemita because of this video,

if I'd known it at the time
I think I would have been really surprised.

I talk about this here and there lately,
so a lot of people probably know this, but
when I was in high school, I didn't go to school.

I had friends,
and I didn't get bullied or anything,
but my heart sort of broke. 

Waking up in the morning and getting ready
leaving the house and going to the train station
getting on the train at the right time

things that normal people can normally do
became really difficult for me.

I'm fine now
so I can normally do normal things.

But when I finally got better
I was surprised.

I thought, "Huh? Is living this easy?"


Ordinary things were so difficult
so I thought that the people around me who were able to do them without a problem were amazing
I always thought

that I was such a useless human being.

Since I became better
and was able to do ordinary things normally,
living's really not that painful
it's no big deal.

Since starting work as Aikawa Kozue
my health is still bad
and I really caused a lot of trouble for so many people,

but they always get along with me
and support me

staff, family,
current members, past members,
and fans.

I can't thank you enough.

I'm often told scary things like
"You're a legend." or "You made history."

I'm only called that
because of the people that support me.

I didn't make history
by myself,
I think we all made it together.

At interviews
I'm often asked,
"If you weren't doing odottemita, what do you think you'd be doing right now?"
and I say
"I'd be a NEET!"
and I really think that.

I was that much
of a shut in who couldn't do anything.

The gratefulness of a shut in
of having somewhere they belong.

I think only people who have been one
can understand,
but the sense of security you get from having somewhere you belong
it's a great emotional support.

I want to be someone's emotional support.

I want Aikawa Kozue and ILoVU
to be emotional support for many people.

A place for normally happy people to have even more fun,
a place for people who are feeling down to feel even a little bit more positive,

I want people to feel better
when they come to ILoVU's live
or watch my dance videos.

I want people to watch my internet videos
and comes to our lives.

On the 23rd of this month
we're having my birthday event and ILoVU's three year anniversary live.

For the birthday event,
we'll be doing an odottemita event organized by me.

My past self wasn't capable of doing something like that.

I can do it because of where I'm at now.

I can do it because
I've continued until now.

Since I've been able to continue my activities until now
I want to keep going
in order to keep going
I want to work harder.

I'll work hard
so that more people watch
my videos and live shows.

10,000,000 views was a number
that reaffirmed my resolve.

On the 23rd
I want peole who watched my videos a long time ago
to come too.

I think I've grown.
As a human.

It will definitely be a fun day,
so I'll be waiting at the venue.

Things got a bit stiff, so
here's my dinner tonight.


I went to the "Komeraku"
in the Lumine in Shinjuku!

I looked at the menu and thought about getting the ikura,
but I was really hungry so I got meat.

It was really good. お願い
I recommend it. 犬ラブラブ

This was Aikawa Kozue.
ByeLoVU ♡